Your KulturLegi all over Switzerland

In 2022, 702,000 people in Switzerland are living below the poverty line. This has far-reaching consequences: Poverty often leads to social and cultural exclusion and may even result in social isolation.

To prevent that, the KulturLegi makes cultural, educational and sports offers affordable for people living on the brink of poverty, thus facilitating the social inclusion of those affected by poverty. A discount on their museum admission, 50 % off their cinema ticket or dancing classes at a lower price provide a glimmer of hope in the usually difficult everyday lives of those affected. One user described it as follows: “If I had to do without culture at all because I couldn’t afford it, I’d wither away. Culture is food for my soul.”

This is what Caritas wants to achieve.

The KulturLegi in its current form has been in existence for over ten years. Currently, over 149,000 people in Switzerland are making use of this offer as they feel a great need to have a social and cultural life. The KulturLegi offer is thus a substantial contribution to the vision of a Switzerland where everyone can part take part in the country’s social, cultural and sports life.

16 regional Caritas organisations run their own regional KulturLegi office with Caritas Switzerland operating a national secretariat.

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