Affordable leisure, culture, sports and education experiences with your KulturLegi

The KulturLegi is a personal pass for people having to live on a tight budget, for example because they have a low income or rely on welfare benefits.

With the KulturLegi you can benefit from a 30 to 70% discount valid for 4'200 different offers  all over Switzerland. For example: 

  • You pay less when visiting museums or going to the theatre.
  • Your football or tennis club membership is cheaper.
  • You pay less for your German course.
  • You make considerable savings on family trips to the zoo or the swimming pool.
  • You get a library membership or a newspaper subscription for little money.

You can apply for the KulturLegi with the regional KulturLegi office at your place of residence. It is valid for one year but can be extended. The KulturLegi is valid all over Switzerland. Limitations are mentioned in the description of the individual offers.

Who is entitled?

Both Children and adults benefit from the KulturLegi if they can prove that they only earn the minimum subsistence wage or less. In particular, you will have to submit a document showing that you receive one of the following benefits. Acceptance criteria differ depending on the home canton.

  • Social welfare benefits
  • Grants
  • Supplementary benefits for families
  • Additional benefits to their old-age pension or disability pension
  • People who are subject to an attachment of earnings
  • People who don’t receive any public benefits but can prove that they only earn the minimum subsistence wage.

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