Who is entitled?

Children from the age of 5 and adults with a low income living in the Cantons of Basel City and Basel Landschaft can apply for the KulturLegi. In particular, you will have to submit a document showing that you receive one of the following benefits:  

  • Social welfare benefits 

  • Supplementary benefits and/or cantonal support in addition to an old-age pension or disability pension  

  • Grants 

  • People living in Basel City who benefit from reduced health-insurance premiums, i.e. groups 1-15  

  • People who don’t receive any public benefits but can prove that they only earn the minimum subsistence wage. 

  • People who are subject to an attachment of earnings 

  • People who have a FamilienpassPlus.  


Further options  

If none of the cases mentioned applies, you might still be entitled to the KulturLegi. Use the following table as a reference. 

The table is based on the relevant figures for health-insurance discounts in Basel City. The CHF amount refers to the net annual household income. 


1 Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People

6 People

7 People

CHF 40'625

CHF 65'000

CHF 75'000

CHF 83'000


CHF 93'000

CHF 97'000


Do you have doubts as to whether you meet the requirements? Check your entitlement with our Budget Calculator (Download in German).

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