For those on a low budget

You are entitled to a KulturLegi for Zurich if you live in this canton and receive benefits or have a low income. In particular, you will have to submit a document showing that you receive one of the following benefits:

1. Social welfare benefits or asylum assistance
Latest benefits or assistance notification

2. Additional benefits to your old-age pension (AHV) or disability pension (IV) from the Canton of Zurich
Official decree

3. Public grants

4. Attachment of earnings
Attachment decree

You can provide none of the above documents but still have a low income? We will consider your entitlement based on your most recent cantonal and municipal tax assessment:

5. Low total income - tax invoice (currently: 2021 or newer)
Latest cantonal and municipal tax assessment (final invoice)

6. Low total income - withholding tax
Latest annual wage statement

Note: For families and cohabiting partners (living together in the same household for two years or partners who have a child together) the total household income will be taken into account. For every child who is of age and lives in the same household, a separate confirmation or tax invoice / income statement must be submitted. If only some of the household members receive benefits, evidence of the financial situation according to para 5 or para 6 must be provided. This link leads you to the maximum total income.

Apply for a KulturLegi

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