KulturLegi in Switzerland

The KulturLegi in its current form was introduced in 2004. Currently, about 84,000 people in Switzerland are making use of this offer as they feel a great need to have a social and cultural life. The KulturLegi offer is thus a substantial contribution to the vision of a Switzerland where everyone can take part in the country’s social, cultural and sports life. 12 regional Caritas organisations run their own KulturLegi offices and together they operate a national secretariat.

The first KulturLegi was offered in 1996 in the city of Zurich, sponsored by a welfare organisation that developed this service with major commitment over numerous years. At the time, Caritas Zürich and HEKS Zürich/Schaffhausen were represented in the board of KulturLegi Zürich. In 2003, the two charities launched the KulturLegi Winterthur. Since 2004, Caritas Zürich has been the sole sponsor of the KulturLegi, and has introduced the offer to other regions of Switzerland.

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